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Major Employers


Major Employers    
Employer     Industry Number of Employees
Steel Fabrication     Steel Industry 265
Crockett ISD     Education 205
East Texas Medical Center     Hospital 185
Alloy Polymers     Plastics 43
Crockett Sand & Gravel     Sand, Gravel, Fill 37
Quantex     Machine Parts 34
Zilkha     BioEnergy 23
Elastotech     Rubber Molded Products 21
Houston County Ready-Mix     Concrete 12
Tex-Fin     Heat Exchangers 11 
Publication Development Co. of Texas     Typesetter 10 
City of Crockett     City Services 80
Houston County Courier      Newspaper 17
 Houston County      County Services  149
Texas Forest Service        
Texas Highway Dept        


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